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“Stimulated” EP Review

Maryvale’s own Alpha Wolf, Daviphresh brings his highly anticipated EP “Stimulated” to Spotify. “Here We Go” serves as the first record on the project and the first single as well. The catchy melodic vibes of “Here We Go” are replaced by the gutter production coupled with Daviphresh’s more aggressive delivery on “Dutch”. Daviphresh flexes a wide range of abilities over 5 tracks, serving as a great teaser of what’s to come.

Watch the video for “Here We Go”:

Davipresh bounces over the banging production on “GTB” with an infectious delivery. The project is very crisp and thoughtfully produced. Daviphresh’s voice is well engineered and mixed to compliment each record’s unique presentation. With a total run time of 11 mins 45 sec, “Stimulated” will have you running the entire project back more than once. There’s too much dopeness packed into under 12 minutes to process it all in one listen. 

I give this project a strong 8/10. Davipresh is quickly developing into one of Arizona’s elite. 

Listen to “Stimulated” on Spotify:

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