May 31, 2023

Ann Marie at Icebox 2019

Ann Marie, her real name Joann Marie Slater, has been arrested after multiple gunshots were reported to police at the InterContinental hotel on December 1st.

According to the police report, Ann Marie stated that the gun was set off on accident. When police arrived to the scene, they were able to find the victim, Jonathan Wright, barely responsive whom which was then rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital and is currently in critical condition. Upon further investigation, police were able to say that there were multiple shots that were fired as they found bullet holes in the door frame and on a cabinet. Albeit the report stated that the gun fell from a table and caused a nearly fatal wound on the victim’s head, these bullet holes show more than what was painted to them. This shows intention from the singer.

This is all public information. Anyone can get this.

Ann Marie was charged with two felonies: possession of a firearm under commission of a felony, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. In that order. Why? Because she had a firearm and was committing a crime of violence. Again, it’s intentional. The police saw it that way based on what they found out after investigating.

Joann Marie Slater mug shot

Social media feeds show fans defending and even showing support for the singer with hashtags like #freeannmarie. Fans/supporters are saying that this incident was due to self-defense. The relation of the victim to the shooter is unclear as multiple sources state that they were dating or that the male was the singer’s “side piece”. The official police report stated that Ann Marie and Jonathan Wright were best friends and that they were visiting. Other sources stated that the singer caught her boyfriend/side piece was caught cheating. This looks like a bad case of heartbreak hotel.