May 31, 2023

Ohpenmiind opens this haunting soundscape with a disclaimer; “I’m a say what I got to say. If ya’ll don’t like it, then it is what it is.” It’s a great opener to get the listener in the right mind state to process what follows.

Ohpenmiind unloads a verbal assault aimed at the ruling American class. His slippery, winding flow slowly pulls you in to an ever more menacing beatdown of the US government while bringing light to recent conspiracies. The production is reminiscent of the work the RZA did for WuTang in the 1990’s, in a the best way. Ohpenmiind highlights the highly publicized and murky death of imprisoned multi-millionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. The verse builds intensity with every bar and ends with an explosive statement. “Gotta get that pedophile, out the fucking White House.”

Corey S. pounces in seamlessly with a complex flow that glides over the gritty drum loop and sliding sample. His raspy, deep tone perfectly compliments the boom bap old school East Coast hip hop vibe of the production. Corey summarizes the message of the song in one of his standout bars: “Looking through the peephole, the people only want transparency.”

This one gets a strong 8/10. The content is very timely and the beat is banging. Listen to “Cult Behavior: on SoundCloud now: