April 25, 2024

This 4 piece EP from the enigmatic Lil Seltrah is a quick, but impactful glimpse into the mindset of a true, albeit troubled artist.  This project is unlike anything else sonically. Lil Seltrah glides across a selection of unique production with his signature pain tinged tone. The subject matter is palatable, gritty, and relatable. Lil Seltrah meticulously layers his vocals with dense harmony to punctuate certain phrases, the result is a very musical experience. One truly cannot predict what’s next, which is rare in today’s musical climate. 

“Clout Beast” is a standout track, Lil Seltrah showcases his distinctive song structure. Some moments in the verse are so catchy, you think it’s the hook. He let’s the beat ride for an extended period of time, letting his last words really sink in. Out of nowhere he jumps back in with the hook, followed by a rapid fire, intensely delivered verse. His vocals wind up and unravel with a style that’s hard to duplicate. The song ends with climactic, perfectly delivered vocals from Lil Seltrah “Every time a hater fucking speaks, a demon gets it’s wings.”

The title track, “40 Legions Deep” brings the listener into Lil Seltrah’s world more than any other song on the project. Lil Seltrah finds a way to remain masculine vocally while still being vulnerable lyrically, a difficult balance that many artists never find. Lil Seltrah is carving his own unique sub genre within the hip hop realm. This project is a very strong 9/10. 

Listen to “40 Legions Deep” now: