May 31, 2023

Thanks for taking some time to be interviewed. Can you introduce your self to our readers and tell us what you do?

Yea no doubt I’m jonny cash AKA CV$HCULT and a an artist

Where are you based out of? And who do you rap / work with?

I’m from San Diego but I live in Wisconsin right now
I work with my brothers ELYON. Open to collab w anyone if I fw the vibe.
But I like to keep shit inside the team

What’s your local scene like? Pros? Cons?

I’d say the local scene in Wisconsin has a lot of potential. I know a couple mfs putting on right now, cold as hell. Not gon mention names. The con is the Midwest is judgemental as fuck. Not a lot of exposure or opportunities as an artist out here.

Oh bummer. If you could go on tour with anybody in the world. Who would be on that bill?

ELYON, Marylin Manson, Xxxtentation (R.I.P.),
that’s the top 3 for me
Smokepurrp going crazy rn, idk probably him, yoppa bam, and lil pump would be lit lmao I fw the energy tuff

What cities would you wanna hit?

Du bai , Cairo, San Diego, L.A. of course, Miami, Vancouver, Atlanta, probably Seattle and Washington D.C or sum would be lit

What are your plans for 2019? Albums? Videos? Ect

Yea I got a lot of shit in the works like bigger features and cult merch in the works for next year. But I also got a LP I’m set to release on dec. 31st and some lit visuals for it so yea I got that Otw

Thats exciting. I need me some merch for sure!. Who are your biggest influences musically?

I got you bro and as far as musical influences I would have to say my bros ELYON, and mfs like Travis Scott, Kanye, people tell me yoppa bam sounds like me a lot lol I fw his shit hard and I like bands like Alice In Chains, Soundgarden is dope, lmao I used to listen to Korn a lot and Guns and roses too
Nirvana and Pearl Jam goes crazy
I try to keep my musical influences spread out in different genres

Hell yea. Love the crossover in your musical roots. Have you gone through some struggles in life? And what affect have these dark chapters had on your music?

Yea I’ve definitely went thru some hard ships. I’m grateful for them truly blessed no cap
I was a foster kid
Aged out of a group home
Abusive households
Tried to die a couple times
Life is crazy
I feel like it just humbled me, and it just aligned me with myself, like those experiences helped me the most in finding out who I was as a person
That’s the most important part
Mfs spend their whole life not even knowing themselves
One of my biggest fears
it just took me to a higher place if that makes sense like my creative process is crazy in the studio and it wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t go thru what I went thru in life.

I can relate. Who gets bragging rights for helping you get to where you are now. And who keeps you head strong? Or have you been alone this entire time?

My brothers get the bragging rights. I found them like 5 years ago and they’re not even blood related. S/o Retro, Deadbeat, Holy, & Qon idk if anybody better than us out here ego aside lmao
I didn’t even know my own ability to make music until I was like 19 20
Even though music played a major role in my whole life
When my actual “blood related” family abandoned me, a new family found me
The universe is good no matter what
I just knew I had to pursue this shit

Thats awesome. I see you guys making waves. Ima have to cop interviews with your bros too. Where do you see your self in 5 years?

No doubt bro I’ll tell em to hyu
In 5 years
Big shows
International stuff
we’re about to really make this shit happen
It’s more than just a vibe u feel me

And we’re gonna be following you closely fam. As we wrap this up is there anything else you would like to add?

Yea bro I just wanted to say stop smoking fucking swishers and white owl rIllos they’re fucking gross
psa for all my fans ✅????