Artists on the rise is a magazine spread we do every month FOR FREE! Where we put on the loudest and hardest working artists that either pop up on my radar or have affiliations with the artist featured on the cover. 



Defiant is a lyrical assassin home grown Arizona representative. With his hard hitting bars and a mouth piece for days he always delivers nothing but remarkable work. Desert soldiers ent one of the hardest working artist out the zone with music videos one after another he continues to prove to the doubters he’s top 3 material. ​

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Pezzzo Gang

Pezzzo coming from Albuquerque New Mexico brings u a roller coaster of emotions through his trap rock type melodies and high energy on the stage. aHe knows how to tap in with the ones around and bring light to any sad situation. It’s just a matter of time before he sets the world on fire. ​


Dre of OnTheComeUpClub

Dre of OnTheComeUpClub/ cannabro network The videographer for the well known radio show the 411 show also in business with Rtu and many other musicians. Dre has secured his place in Arizona hip hop community at a fast pace, also working with top tier videographer JD films dre continues to make movies out of songs and interviews. The experience wouldn’t nearly be the same without Dre behind the camera. ​


Baller Mac

Baller Mac isn’t like the rest of them. He’s a rare breed and most deff not one to doubt or play with. He likes to play his position behind the scenes being the one responsible for making big plays happen for his team. Recently started rapping and making music to keep B.O.P alive to hold down his right hand man swerve baller while he’s locked down. Baller just in two years has surpassed the masses in the industry from quality music and videos and countless music deal offers. He certainly makes it looks easy but if it were then everyone would be like baller Mac! ​​


DJ Mike Too Smooth

Dj mike too smooth has been on the fm radio for power 92.3 raw radio for the last 15 years in Chicago! Also known for his exclusive yacht parties and hip hop events. He recently linked with rtu and the 411 show to bring his Chicago flavor to The Arizona hip hop scene. ​


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