February 26, 2024

Thanks for taking some time to be interviewed by Clout Culture. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us briefly what you do?

What’s good, I’m Joe Boii, all the way from the South(Mississippi) to the West Coast(Arizona) making noise in all directions. I am an Independent Artist on the path to success on my own terms and conditions.

How long have you been making music? And who gets the most bragging rights for helping support you on your journey?

I’ve been on this music journey for 6 years and honestly I give all the credit to God, which is the head of my life, for blessing me with the gift to give the word of life to the world.

Good answer! You mentioned you recently transitioned from Mississippi to Arizona. What inspired the move?

Honestly, my older brother and sisters were already in Arizona and they wanted me to come out here to check out the scene because they already knew that I was into music. So, I came out here to Arizona for a month and I fell in love.

I usually ask people what the pros and cons of their local scene are so we can grow together out here in Phoenix. But your experience is still fresh, so, instead I’m gonna ask…Who are your favorite local AZ Artists thus far? And who would you like to work with from Arizona in the future?

My favorite local artists so far are Joseph Bills, TheFonzarelliProject, Manflyy, DeLa Preme, Touchdown, Daily Finesse. There’s so many artists I could name but it’s just my passion for music that drives me towards theirs.

We fully support all these artists as well! Two of the names you mentioned actually got Cover Features on our physical magazines. Shout out to Joseph Bills and Dela Preme. You just dropped a FIRE music video for Giv’em Hell. Who did the visuals? What was the inspiration?

“Giv’em Hell” was delivered by Stephen “Trucker Steve” Adams. The concept of the inspiration came from lingo in the south. When I moved to Arizona that’s all I’ve been doing, giving everybody hell because my music is so fire and energetic.

As we pass the half-way point of 2021. What can we expect from Joe Boii later this year? Any new albums? Music videos?

Well, you can expect more appearances from me on stages around the world with artists of that caliber. Yes, I just finished two different albums that’s going to blow people’s minds but that will most likely be towards the end of the year.

Where do you see your self in five years and what is your end game?

In five years I will be getting booked for concerts and/or stadiums. I see myself hitting top of the charts for a long time and to be honest there’s no end game because it’s not stopping. I will feed my family for generations with this legacy I’m building.

If you could go on tour with anyone in the world, who would be on the bill with you? What is Joe Boii’s dream tour?

Mmmaaannn, a tour with Travis Scott and Gunna would be too fire.

What are some obstacles you’ve had to overcome on your journey to where you are now?

Honestly, the biggest obstacle was to keep people believing in me and my talent. In my lifetime people came and went, but real stayed and told me to keep going hard because I have everything it takes to make it.

As we wrap this up, what else do you want our readers to know? The floor is yours.

Yes, I wanna thank you for reaching out because I’ve been manifesting it for months. I want to thank everyone who gave me the opportunity and opened up their hearts and minds to my music. Everything I do is for my family and to me, loyalty makes you family in my book.