May 29, 2024

Thank you for taking some time to talk to us. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a little bit about what you do?

It’s no problem, thanks for having me! I go by E$cott. I’m from north Phoenix, the slopes, and I make music for every day people I Started making music when I was 15, been at it ever since!

E$cott! It’s nice to meet you bro! I’ve been following your music since about 2016/2017 and I’ve been a fan since! I love the versatility you bring to the game in Arizona! You started at 15 man that’s amazing! Mad respect for your dedication to the craft!

That’s what’s up, I appreciate the love. I was introduced to a lot of people in the scene around that time. That’s when the cyphers were a thing and I was killing those all over lol. But yeah, since I was 15 I been at it. Got started on an old magix program on a basic windows computer, with a old school stick audio mic lol. Little skinny bendy thing. One of my good friends at the time had the set up In his house early in our high school days and all the Homies were recording and making songs and I was trying to get into solely because I was trying to be around my friends more lol. I was a hopper and no one in my immediate circle really played sports the way I did, so they started focusing more on music and taking it serious, and that’s when I jumped into full force. Started as a way to be around my people more, but blossomed into a passion I never knew I had.

That’s beautiful man. I’m sure you’re just as good at Hooper as you are and MC! I am grateful you took this route because the music you have been making is amazing. So my guy! I’ve been non stop bumpin PayPal and I gotta say I love the vibe of the track! That bar, “I took the 90 up the block when I was hitting missions” is fire! Them valley metro moves man. Well my g, what are some of the biggest influences behind your sound?

lol I’m a rusty hooper nowadays but in my prime I was a problem for competition. I appreciate you showing my single PayPal so much love. It’s definitely one of my favorite songs personally. Them valley metro missions maaan lol. If I had to pick specific influences to my sound, idk it’s hard to tell . I grew up loving Kanye, he was the first artist I dove into that I studied. I would sneak into my parents room and steal the cd just to read the credits and lyrics. His old school style production with the sampling and just the diversity in his music really spoke to me. I really got into wiz and curren$y as well in high school, big krit too he’s my favorite I think lol. Lupe was one that really made me want to tell stories and put thought into my lyrical content. But I also have always been a fan of fast rap. Chamilionaire was legit my shit lol, and then I got older and discovered tech n9ne. Tech is the reason I do the whole “Eeeeeeeeee $cott” thing on every track. He said in an interview once that “ I can same my name , tech n9ne , and nobody would listen or care. But when you throw that extra tech niiiiiiiine on it they wanna say it with you.” That shit always stuck with me. And then growing up with a dad from Brooklyn, you know I was listening to that Biggie and mob deep, DMX, wu tang and all that lol. East coast runs through me low key too!

I love that tag forreal! It brings mad energy to your tracks and I always get hyped when I hear that haha! I love the diversity in artists that you draw from! Those are definitely some of the greatest to look up to. A big shout out to those that inspired you! Who gets bragging rights for supporting you and helping you get to where you are now?

My mom has always been my number 1 supporter of my music. She used to manage my at the beginning, and helped me create a lot of opportunities for myself. A lot of the reason I have a name in AZ is because she helped me make power moves when I was just a kid with a dream. Video with Stevie stone shot by Iroc Daniels, multiple shows opening for high level artists (Like ab soul, big krit, Vince staples, rittz, curren$y, and more), shows in Cali/Colorado/Texas, and a video with chance the rappers brother Taylor Bennett. She helped me make all that happen. I got Homies who had my back and pushed me like my boy Serrano, Sergio, mike, and a lot of people from my neighbor hood. A lot of people showed be genuine love and support before I even had the abilities on the mic like I do now lol. But they pushed me and helped me build my brand in many different ways. My girl is there for me too, constantly pushing me to be better, and reminding me of the bigger picture. Humbling kinda shit lol. And if it wasn’t for the Slopes I wouldn’t have become the man I am today. I learned a lot growing up on Dunlap. That’s home forever

That’s beautiful bro, a ton of love and support can help in so many ways it is unreal. I spent a lot of my time on Dunlap as well growing up, near 43rd Avenue. It’s super awesome that you had the chance to work with so many great artists, it’s something I know we all aspire to do. I’m grateful you had such a great support group, if it wasn’t for them, we probably wouldn’t have this amazing artist that we have today. Well my dude, with all the time you have so far in the game, what has been your biggest accomplishment?

I can’t really pin point my biggest accomplishment. If I had to say, it would be the features I’ve landed, and the completion of this album I’m working on right now. Since my first major feature Taylor Bennett, I’ve worked with Stevie stone, futuristic, vee tha rula, and DaVionne. These features really set me apart from the average artist I think. And although the vee tha rula and Taylor Bennett features were so long ago, these new ones really help the album stand out from anything I’ve ever done.

I could definitely see how you feel that way haha! Those are all dope artist and it would be amazing to hear all the work while it was happening! Tell me about the album your dropping! What’s it called? How many tracks? How much work went into it? What’s it about?

The album is called “Influenced Thoughts: The Power of Hate, Love, & Fear” and it’s inspired by the journey I had to take to happiness. How the emotions of love fear and hate can be the number 1 influence on the mind. I had to overcome a lot of depression and anger to get to where I am now. A lot of fake love, true love, and letting go. Life took me in a crazy ride these last few years, and that’s what I put into this project. There will be about 16-20 songs, features from DaVionne (revenge of the dreamers 2), Stevie stone, futuristic, Eddie Wellz, New Age Politics, Yung Crissuh, Dobey Dobe, and my baby Bro Lil k. It’s been 2 years in the making. Working a lot on production, mixing and mastering and perfecting each song. A lot of vibes, a lot of versatility, and a lot of BARS lol. I’m incredibly proud of this body of work. Just a few more final touches and it’ll be ready for release end of July.

Sheesh bro honestly that sounds off the wall. Those are some very powerful emotions that do control us and our lives to a certain extent. I can say from my experience is tough dealing with certain feelings that you can’t get rid of. I really love to see the list of collaborations on there! This is going to be a jam packed piece for sure and I am stupid excited for it. We will be sure to tap in with that and let everyone of our readers know to check your new album out when it drops. Well thank you for giving us some details on that, next I wanted to know what’s your writing process like and how does someone get ahold of you for a feature?

When I’m writing it just comes to me. I just need a solid environment, no negative energy and I can write all day. It’s all about the space for me when it comes to writing. Anybody looking for a feature can contact me directly through social media or email or via my website ( and we’ll go from there.

I like that and I can definitely agree with the environment and energy needing to be on point. I find it hard to focus with a lot going on around me. That’s awesome that you have so many options for the artists! Well mane were in June now, this year has flew by because the whole pandemic, what are your plans for the rest of the year? Also, where do you see your self in 5 years?

My plans for the rest of the year… I plan to drop this album and then go hard on the marketing for it for the rest of the year. I want to really push this project. I’ll probably do visuals for a lot of the new music that comes with it. But the focus will be marketing the new material and getting it out there. In 5 years I plan to have my finances in order, with music and my brand being the main source of income for my family. Then from there continuing to build and grow and create the best life I can for me and my family through doing what i love and am passionate about

That sounds like a very well thought out plan my guy, I am praying for your success and I have mad faith that you will achieve all of those goals! I am super hyped for this album drop! It sounds like it’s going to be a masterpiece from beginning to end. Ok, these next two questions I really like asking the artists I work with because I like to hear their responses. So, what advice would you give to someone wanting to enter the scene, also, what do you wish you had known when you started out?

The only advice I’d give is to stay focused on your goals and your brand. Don’t get caught up in the “scene” and try to impress the locals. Stay true to you and the rest will follow. I wish I would have taken that advice throughout the years. So many distractions and things that get in the way of the vision. Best to keep your nose to the grind and constantly build.

I honestly love that answer my guy. That is too true, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the “image” or “scene” but I am glad you shed that light for all our readers. This is one I really love to ask our artists, If you could go on tour with anyone in the world who would you choose. What is your dream tour?

Just to be able to tour the world would be special enough, but if I had to pick an artist to tour with it’d probably be tech n9ne. The fans of strange music are dedicated and loyal. They show up, they turn up, and they buy merch. I’d make a lot of money on that tour, but more importantly I’d meet the most genuine fans out there, who would actually continue to support me and follow my career after a great performance and a show with tech. But My dream tour would be me, Wiz, Big Krit, Kendrick Lamar , and Curren$y. lol just on some fan boy shit

I’ve been to a couple Tech shows and I can say they are definitely live! Wiz Khalifa is one of my favorite artists and $pitta so I know that would be a really badass lineup! Well E$cott, this has been awesome chopping it up with you, I really look forward to the album coming up and all your future work! I’m also extremely stoked for the new visuals! . Is there anything else you woud like to add as we wrap this up?

Much love my dude, appreciate you taking the time to let me talk about some of my music and myself. Means a lot! As far as more to add to the convo? I think we covered all grounds lol, but I do wanna add.. that the album drops next month, and that It’s my best work to date. Hope everybody enjoys the jams!