May 29, 2024

Pertinence, Perty, Suburban Icon, how you living? Describe your style of music for those just learning about you and how you got here?!

The suburban icon!!! I love how that’s began to stick. Honestly, the first time you asked me to describe myself I had less than nothing prepared to answer. Had me looking silly, Viv. However, having the time to look back on it and bathe in my foolishness, I think I may be able to give a little more insight. On the surface, the kid is thorough bread hip-hop. Nestle in just a “skosh” more and I think there’s a lot of vulnerability which in turn helps people relate to it all. In the same breath, the songs don’t take themselves too seriously. After all, I’m the suburban icon. Life is blessed, the rhymes is tight, there’s really not many complaints to be had from this side. All of that combined, I think makes for some really great energy and replay value within the music which In turn allows people to really form that connection with me as the artist and feel like they actually know me, because they do!

Are you still releasing music consistently?

Well, earlier this year I was actually releasing bi-weekly. I did that for a little over a year but ended up switching approaches. Point is, there’s so much damn music. On Spotify alone there’s over 50 joints currently to bless y’all lil craniums and a couple dozen more on top of that scattered through YouTube and Soundcloud etc. etc.. To finally answer your question though, auntie Viv, in what is probably the longest explanation in Clout Culture history, yes I am, Very very soon. Since the release of my last project, “Mercurial” I really wanted to take a step back and re-evaluate my approach to the game as a whole. I wanted to work smarter and that being said I’ve taken the past 3 or 4 months making chune, studying the game, and just really trying to digest the who, what, when, where, and how of this thing we call the “Rap Game”. 

Was the Tempe HipHop Festival your first show? Really didn’t look like it since the stage presence was 10/10!

THE F****N TEMPE HIP HOP FEST. What a night! Hell yea, that was the first show! Glad we did it right. The supporters I’ve garnered over these past couple of years are nothing short of family. We really feel like we know one another off the strength of lyrics alone. Like attracts like. Its just so insane to me to be able to get up that morning and say that’s what I had planned for the day. Super blessed for sure. 

What were you excepting from you first show, nervous? Ready to do more?

I’ve always had this problem with performances, especially in the underground scene, with people lacking stage presence and energy but nonetheless I knew I was there to PERFORM. There was definitely some bumps along the way don’t get me wrong. All in all it was my supporters that showed up and showed out and really made that impact on the show. I can run around on stage screaming my lungs out all day but if there’s nobody there to receive it and enjoy it, it would be less than pointless. So thank yall, for real….ALSO, we must never forget the on stage water bottle blessing from THE VIV AGUILAR. I am forever in your debt!

Who are you a fan of in AZ and any collabs you would love to do out here?

I really been messing with this Vavrix dude lately to be completely 100. Been fiending for a Jalopy verse a minute now, Preme of course!

Would you rather work with one producer on an entire project or every single from a different producer?

Thats a real juicy question Viv, I’m proud of you for that one girl. Thinking about it in the moment there’s real merit to either way you’d want to take it I think. Personally I’d probably want to keep the same producer around. I’m real big on trying to keep all the same people that cared when there wasn’t anything to care about around.  Obviously sometimes you’ll have your differences or just need to let someone go, but if they want to stay and at the same time maintain a consistent quality output, I’m a huge advocate to let them. Not to mention building that chemistry with another creative in your space has never proved to do anyone dirty. 

What are you working on and what are your goals for the rest of the year?

Like I was saying I’m really focusing on adding as many songs, music videos, business plans, connections, and anything else remotely helpful into the vault. I want 2022 to be a tidal wave of content. As long as I can get to the point where I feel secure with content by December 31st, I’ll feel pretty accomplished. Definitely trying to sell out the marquee by the end of next year though. So that’ll be cool.  

Where can we find you and any new releases to look forward to?

Just type in Pertinence on any platform you use the internet for. You’ll find the kid. ‘Top Down’ out September 16th, thank y’all for allowing me to live this dream. Thank y’all for giving a shit.