May 31, 2023

For a Song about Nothing; rising Arizona Artist Brett Deadly had a lot to say in his latest Titular single “A Song About Nothing” produced by Ontario beatsmith Lethal needle. Brett Wastes no Time as his hooks repeat the mantra “Wake me up from this nightmare; they say He’ll ain’t a place but it’s Right here”. This bleak outlook he has on the world as of now Compliments the Gritty Griselda styled production from lethal Needle.

While the hook seems to suggest Brett is living in a nightmare he can not wake from; the content of his only verse makes it clear that he’s truly top dog amongst his peers with lines like “I got bosses in my pocket cause they know they owe me, for all that knowledge that I drop and all the bank I’m holding”. Carrying this show of earned bravado throughout the song; his viewpoints on the human race are unenthused due to their lack of originality and ability to sound different.

Brett bites his tongue for no one, for better or for worse stands on his convictions and beliefs. Just a preview of things to come. Listen to Brett Deadly “A Song About Nothing” out now on SoundCloud!