May 29, 2024

Thank you for taking the time to be interviewed by Clout Culture Magazine. Can you please introduce yourself to the readers?

What’s up Clout Culture, I’m Joey Nunz, and I’m a rapper from Englewood, Colorado. I write and perform my music as well as manage my brand ‘The Floating Generation’.

How long have you been making music?

I’ve been making music for about 15 years. I picked up my first instrument, and learned how to read music in 3rd grade. I went on to become one of two kids they picked out for a performance with the Colorado Symphony in 5th grade, and then I learned how to play percussion and eventually drums when I entered 6th grade. When I was 14 I wrote and recorded my first rap track. When I was 15 I created a meme music video for the kids around my school with a track and video, and then I wrote a song for a female, who I later dated. When I was 17, I started writing music seriously and free-styling, which led me to recording and actually dropping music to build a fan base by the time I was 19 years old. I’m now 23, so I’ve been dropping music seriously for four years now.

What inspired you to be a musician?

My main inspirations for music come straight from Usher, lyrics from country music somewhat, and the way Hip Hop was in the main Lil Wayne era in general. I really wanted people to hear whatever music I made, just like me and all of my friends could hear their music. Back in those times, it seemed like a mystery on a song was recorded.

Who gets bragging rights for getting you to where you are now?

The people that get credit for getting me here are 100% my family and friends. My brothers have had my back in ways that I couldn’t even imagine, seriously. I’m blessed to have these people in my life, I’m not sure where I’d be without them, but it wouldn’t be here.

What is your dream tour?

My dream tour would probably involve multiple countries and multiple venues that serve as musical landmarks, much like Red Rocks here in my own state. The tour would have to involve all of my friends, and be at a time in my career where I’m headlining and pulling in soldout crowds wherever I go.

Who are your major influences?

Major influences to me are Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller, XXXtentacion, $UICIDEBOY$, Pouya, Denzel Curry, SkiMask The Slump God, I don’t know, I honestly take a little from every artist I listen to and apply what I may have studied or learned, into my own music.

When is your new mixtape (I) REMEMBER coming out?

I do have a new mixtape coming out, it’s called ‘(I) REMEMBER’, and its so far one of my favorite projects yet. It’ll only be my second mixtape, but it’s for sure going to be hard to compete with. I’m hoping to drop it September 25th of this year.

When does the music video for 2SAD4CLOUT come out?

I’m working on a music video for ‘2SAD4CLOUT’ as we speak. [I’m] working with a team full of editors and videographers, just taking advantage of the natural props and places around us. This music video will be significantly different than all of my other videos and will implement a new spark of Joey Nunz on YouTube, guaranteed. I also have an AMV for ‘999SadGirl666’ dropping before this video and it will be apparent what I’ve been holding back.

What are your plans for next year?

Next year is going to be different than any other year for me, I’ve been working major hardcore on balancing money with my music, and investing into my craft. I’ve been planning to start a lot of things and bring things to the public light within the next year for sure.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In 5 years I’ll 100% own my own house, and live to be considered ‘wealthy’ off of my career with music, that’s a promise.

What are the pros and cons of your local music scene?

The pros of my local music scene is that it’s undiscovered, so it’s anyone’s game to be honest. But the cons seem to sometimes outweigh how worth it it can be in this state. People really do leech onto drama and love to be entertained by it. I just can’t vibe with it the same anymore.

What obstacles did you have to overcome on your journey?

There have been plenty of obstacles, too many to count. Real life obstacles can sometimes be an obstacle for your music career as well. I made the mistake of dating someone that wasn’t too supportive of my music for a whole two years. Things were hard sometimes, but I know in my soul this is what I’m supposed to do.

What else would you like our readers to know as we wrap this up?

Shout out to Clout Culture Magazine for taking the time to ask me some questions and I hope you guys, as the readers, understand me a little better as a person now.