Alternative Rapper LunaVex Drops New Song Titled You Had A Knife

LunaVex drops a surprisingly sinister banger with dark vibes and an emo overtone. I have heard this song many times before and I was excited when he wanted me to review it. The song starts off with a horror movie anthem, throwing the listener off guard and warranting attention. The high-hats casually kick-in, letting you know something is coming.

Next LunaVex goes ghost, whispering into the mix and setting the stage for the tragic tale about to unfold. As the anticipation builds, the versed drops, telling a story of laying low with a bottle and avoiding going outside. A relatable topic for artists and music enthusiasts with a background in emo.

He’s not trying to hurt anybody, but as far as this life goes he’s not “feelin it”. And he’s not alone in that. One of the reasons I relate to his music.

I rate this song 9 out of 10

CEO of Clout Culture

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