June 13, 2024

Schizo is back with his latest track “Capsule Hotel”. Released only 4 days ago, the track features Lil Mik_e and has an accompanying video. This dream wave-meets-hip hop sound is nothing short of interesting and is sure to have you catching vibes every witch way.

For those unfamiliar with Schizo, he is a Phoenix local known for his eccentric style and taste. His discography consists of mostly hip hop inspired soundscapes that are 3 minutes on average. For fans of 100gecs, Yung Lean, Dylon Brady, and Lil Aaron, and GBC this artist is a must listen. Schizo is a self proclaimed ‘love-anthem’ maker, and after a close listen to his lyricism you’ll be able to confirm that he’s a big fan of good vibes. 

Capsul Hotel begins with overlaying trance reminiscent synth patches accompanied by trap drums and what seems to be a brief phone call recording. Unlike some of the other artists featured on our site, Schizo is very melodic and often times draws from pop structured tracks. This method of songwriting can be heard immediately in ‘Capsule Hotel’. This release acknowledges the all-to-common struggle of pursuing your goals and success while trying to maintain the relationships with those closest to you. 

For delivery and style we give Schizo a 8 out 10!