June 13, 2024

Valley club records artist Malicious China has just released their new EP CRYPT, and its nothing short of something exciting.The tone of the album over all is unapologetically underground, and with coming from one of the largest underground labels that is based in Phoenix Arizona it’s no surprise that it’s doing so well already.

This tatted, underground, upcoming female rap star has chosen the single ‘Chinatown’ to lead the project, and has made a long lasting impression with her horrocore-meets-trap femme fatale. The same single is accompanied by a short film and a music video of the same title released under the same label and is truly a visual spectacle and a must see for any underground music enthusiast.

Tracks like “FUCK!” and “223” are here to show that this rapper is far from a one trick pony and has extensive mastery over her craft as well as immense knowledge in regards to production quality. With this impressive release only being her 4th we definitely suggest you check her out before she blows up, we give this project a 10 out of 10.