May 31, 2023

If you follow SlaveNameFlick, then you know he’s been steadily releasing new music over the last few months. His most recent track ‘Beyond Meh’ was dropped only a month ago and features the artist ‘gojifye’, as well as production from F1lthy.

SlaveNameFlick’s bravado consists of mostly heavy trap anthems such as ‘Put Ya Mans On’ and ‘No Baby Hairs’. In addition to these, ‘Beyond Meh’ has added to his discography of gritty, blunt, and often times crude lyrical content which details the conflict of being an independent hip hop artist in Phoenix Arizona.

The ambient dreamscape-meets-dirty south sound is perfect for live underground performances (crossing our fingers for 2021). Lyrically the verses and hook follow the same theme, using motifs and pentameter that calls back to the sound of early 2010’s bass heavy club groups such as ‘The Pack’. For fans of 808’s and grungy trap antidotes, this is a must.

At the time of this post, Flick will be creating a series of new vlog posts after what seems to be a brief time of turbulence for him. On his Instagram last week, Flick stated: “the recent events in my life have been hella crazy the sh*t i have seen and people i’ve been around… ohh man ???????? i just purchased a new vlog camera ima just keep this b*tch rollin and see what happens if you’ve seen the old vlogs before i started rappin you already know the deal…. its time to hit THE NEXT LEVEL”.

10 out 10 for perseverance!