December 6, 2023

One thing that can and should always be said about Jalopy Bungus; the man is consistent. Since his initial rise as a part of the quintessential Arizona quartet known as 20 Pounds I’ve personally never stopped hearing his name. Always something new. New song, new video, new project, new battle. Almost always accompanied by a heavy rollout and more often then not, some sort of drama. This most recent “new”, however, caught even me by surprise. Though I suppose it really shouldn’t have.

Sir Bungus has found himself skyrocketing up the charts on TikTok, everyone’s favorite viral video factory. I know what you’re thinking and no, it’s not because of his impeccable penmanship. He’s become a hit in the Anime community of TikTok in under a year, garnering over 35,000 followers on the platform, just shy of half a million total likes, and a video that recently surpassed 1 million individual views. (1.3M at the time of this writing).

Assuming you haven’t been living under a proverbial rock for the last 4 years, you know like I know that Jalopy is an Anime enthusiast and after watching quite a few of his TikTok’s it can be argued that he’s an Anime expert, even going so far as to become a crowned member of that community’s renowned VegetaCult.

More important than the “what” or “who” in this scenario though, is the “how”. A lot can be learned from analyzing his run on TikTok. He found a subject that he loved, one that he is more than educated on, and just started talking about it, giving his opinions on debatable battles while utilizing popular sounds and hashtags to attract traffic and then actually giving them something to watch. (FAX HE COOKIN). Once he established that fanbase and had their attention he slowly introduced them to his music, which falls in line perfectly with that subject matter, and watched his streaming numbers shoot through the roof as well. (Currently at 15k monthly listeners on Spotify and hasn’t released anything since March!)

Love him or hate him, the man is consistent and he’s nothing shy of brilliant. His maneuvers are truly newsworthy in a landscape where the masses continuously give crowns to clowns. No matter what he does it always feels like he’s just getting started, and that’s a large part of what makes him so attractive to his fanbase. He keeps moving forward no matter what. Regardless of public opinion or popular vote, never mind the naysayers, we can always count on Jalopy Bungus to deliver something fresh. He’s most recently laid out another blueprint that we can all benefit from. TAKE NOTES.