EP Review: Spookikage – “AINZ OOAL SPOOK”

Spookikage’s 2020 EP release “AINZ OOAL SPOOK” had me at the Overlord anime art on the cover, with “KKK” crossed out. Immediately, this project fell into the “this music better live up to the cover art” category. Spookikage exceeds expectations with a strong 5 track effort. My personal favorite “GUDT MORNING” serves as the intro, and a direct contrast to the following song “CALLINGALLBAGACQUISITIONSPECIALIST x CONSOLECOMMANDER”, yes, the song titles on this EP are fire as fuck. The project showcases Spookikage’s range of creativity and leaves the listener ready for more.

I give this release an 8/10, looking forward to more from the dynamic MF Spookikage.

Listen to “AINZ OOAL SPOOK” here:

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