April 25, 2024

Drake has put out his follow-up to last year’s Certified Lover Boy. It’s known as “Honestly, Nevermind”. The new record includes fourteen songs, and was made by Drake, old collaborator patriarch “40” Shebib, Drake’s manager Oliver El-Khatib, Yule Cadastre, and 2022 Grammy winner Black Coffee. Twenty one Savage is the album’s sole attributable featured artist. But the biggest take away from the new release is how trash the cover art is. Featuring distorted effects that make the art look like it was uploaded at high resolution. Im not sure who the artist is, but it looks like they used some type of underground graphic design cover art template strait from behance but didn’t quite understand how to use it. It’s all over the place, and hard to read. But Drake is known for releasing crap cover arts to get people talking. So while we are not surprised, him and his team really took things to a whole new level of strait trash with this one. RIP XXXTENTACION.