June 13, 2024

Days after the new release for Ay Caramba, Tyga started getting heat from the Mexican community.

Should this really of been such a big deal? A lot of opinions suggested that his video perpetuated stereotypes. However, I am 100% Mexican and come from an authentic Mexican background and didn’t see an issue. This video did not show stereotypes, it was expressive. I can tell a lot of genuine thought went into his video to get those exaggerated looks. 

I can tell he had a lot of fun with it and even took the time to learn salsa, which is actually very respectable. Imagine putting all this effort and all this money to hire dancers, a camera crew, and to spend money on choreography just to be torn down in days. He then apologizes but also said this: “I have a lot of Latin fans that are Puerto Rican or Dominican that probably weren’t offended by this video. But my Mexican fans in L.A., there definitely was some that were offended.” He cared about his fans and he took action by taking down the video. This shows some genuine heart. He didn’t release this video with the intention to offend anyone, he was just singing about a hot Mexican girlfriend that was hotter than Tobasco. There is nothing offensive about this video, so here is this re-uploaded video for you to enjoy: