June 13, 2024

After clicking play on soundcloud I got hit with a wave of trippy lofi bells singing me a nostalgic melody. Navajo rapper Woke UP DEAD based out of Arizona comes in with wavy vocals executed to perfection. I instantly f*ck with this track, and stop what Im doing to give it my full undivided attention. This song is full of relatable vibrations such as “Feeling like its too late” but having to “Pick my self up and push my own weight”. I love it when artist talk about real sh*t instead of flexing and talking about all the cliches of trap and rap these days. Now while this track may be chill and wavy, the hook really had me bopping my head and wanting to jump around. “Danny Phantom. Yuh yuh. Danny Phantom Yuh yuh.” A very solid track from an extremely underrated artist. Woke Up Dead, in my head, reminds me of a cross between Lil Peep and Ugly God. Makes me miss the golden soundcloud era of music but in a fresh way, and not in a plaid fashion. This is a 10 out of 10 from me. Even the mix and beat production are on point. Check out Danny Phantom by Woke Up Dead on your favorite streaming platform!