December 6, 2023

Its never a good idea to be mean to someone as they are writing a review for you. Business has been booming lately and the work load has been tough. I will admit this review is over 2 weeks late. Things happen. But this artists has taken it upon him self to be a control freak, and blow up my inbox with drama. So unfortunately this will be my 1st negative review. I will remain unbiased for the audio portion of the review but i’m already docking points for lack of professionalism and a general toxic approach to business. In this industry it’s important to be pleasant and easy to work with. So i’m writing this brutally honest review in defence of my industry. The whole ” I paid for it, you work for me now” mentality does not apply to the music or press industry. That applies to Walmart.

Moving on. Right off the bat, I had to turn down my monitors because these songs are not properly mixed. The beat starts out just fine but his vocals were overbearing and unpleasant. I would be doing this artist a disservice by being fake and pretending it was a good listen.

The whole record sounds like someone put him on to Trap Metal but he just didn’t have the right energy for it. I love beats with guitar parts. And these beats sounds really good! But then his vocals kinda kill the vibe.

The only song worth listening to from this excuse for a record would be the last song. Dopesick4freindz this song has a high energy vibes that fit well with my music taste. And would have been the saving grace for this artist on my radar if he didn’t jump into my dms and tell me “Ill see you on the front stage of SXSW” in an attempt to flex on me. You cant really believe that you are a good person when you are trying to blindly flex on the person you are expecting a positive review from. I am known for gassing up artists and trying to inspire people to believe in themselves. So i’m sure this is why he hired me. But this is one artist I just cannot gass up in good conscious. It would be fake. And my personal experience with him as be dreadful. Excited to deliver this review so I can get this dude out of my inbox.

Honestly his cover art isn’t even a square, shows he put in minimal effort. And he also tried to flex on me about that, talking about “I do all my own cover art” Lol moving on man. Its a 1/10 for me. Only giving him one point because at least that last track had a little bit of passion behind it. There is hope. But this guy ain’t there yet.