A Review Of Budding Hyperpop Artist Riifty’s Song “I Understand (If You Wanna Hate Me)

Hailing from a small town in Peterborough, United Kingdom. Digicore, Hyperpop, and Emo Trap sensation Riifty contacted our offices to promote his song “I Understand (If You Wanna Hate Me)”. A unique title for a refreshingly original song that takes you on a journey through his mind and experiences as an emo / alternative artist.

Strait to the point. The song starts out with some mellow tones strait out of a chill retro era video game, with some live guitar samples leading us into the beat fairly quickly. Although the track features vintage tones and atmosphere, the beat retains a Hyperpop vibration. This is a blend of genres and tones i’ve never heard before. Hyperpop can often be overbearing and right in your face with their mixes. So this is a nice change of pace without losing to much of they Hyperpop feel. And I absolutely love the tasteful use of glitches used here executed here.

Riifty hits us with some relatable feels, “I’ve been doing drugs all by my self. I wanna float away”. I’ve definitely been there before, many times. My attention is pulled in as this new artist I’ve just discovered vents out his vulnerabilities. “I should have brought you flowers, but instead I was a coward” Humility is the name of the game when it comes to this Emo sh*t. This guy is spilling out his heart all over this melodic beat packed to the brink with passion and emotion.

What I love about hyperpop is the beats are literally HYPER. Although this song has chill vibes, I feel like this would pop off so hard live. I really enjoyed this submission. A nice change of pace for from same ol’ cookie cutter tracks i’m used to seeing artists push. I’ll be on the look out for more music from Riffty and i’m excited to see where he takes things in the future. “I Understand (If You Wanna Hate Me)” is out now on all major streaming platforms. Check it out for your self and show this budding artist some much deserved support!

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