May 29, 2024
An old polaroid of sewerperson, released during his 9TAILS era.

After sewerperson’s debut project, blue, hit Spotify and other streaming services last week, many questioned if sewerperson himself had uploaded the album to said services. Today, sewerperson opened up about his music being uploaded to Spotify, saying this:

‘The sewerperson on Spotify is not me, and all the songs from blue were uploaded by somebody else. All of my songs including those are made completely for non profit, and using free beats, so to whoever uploaded them, I would appreciate if you took the songs down and deleted the account. Once again, I only have a SoundCloud.
I understand the songs I produced are up there as well but I did not upload any of them and that’s not my account. I only put my music on SoundCloud and I would appreciate if it was kept that way. Unfortunately, I have no control of this situation.”

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