September 21, 2023

Thanks for taking some time to be interviewed. Can you please introduce your self to our readers and tell us a little bit about what you do?

Thanks for having me! My artist/producer name is Stollgan. It’s a name that a friend gave me back in high school that I’ve been using on Instagram for years, and it stuck with me and ended up becoming the name that I chose for my personal branding. I started out making hip hop beats early 2019, and a year later I am releasing all sorts of hip hop music. I look up to many of the producers/beatmakers on YouTube, so I try to make similar content for every song that I release. I love making lofi beats and trap beats, but my tastes in music are (almost) limitless!

How long have you been making Trap Metal? And what genres did you play before this?

I started making trap metal beats in the second half of 2019, but Long Gone is my first and only trap metal song I’ve released so far. I have quite a broad musical history, ranging all the way back from jazz band music in middle school to metal bands in high school. I’ve played in a few metal bands in the past, so I consider myself a metalhead first and foremost. Then in 2019 I got into hip hop music, I started making beats, and I released a couple instrumental lofi tunes before Long Gone came to be!

What program do you use to make your beats? Or do you do it live?

I’m a Reaper user. I don’t have any plans to make beats live, but I do want to rap/perform vocals live once I have enough music for a set.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Any new albums or music videos?

This year I plan to start working with other rappers and artists, producing beats for them as well as some collabs! One of the collaborations I have planned is with a homie who goes by Rare Ben, and I will also be releasing some music under my name with different artists featured. I currently don’t have the budget for music videos, but I take influence from other YouTube producers and I upload videos to my YouTube channel for every song I release to show how I made the music.

If you could go on tour with anybody in the world, who would you choose? What is your dream tour?

I’d love to be able to be an opening act for metal bands, pop punk bands, and any sort of alternative music. But as far as rappers and the realm of hip hop goes, my dream lineup would be opening for Denzel Curry, Scarlxrd, and $uicideboy$. I’d also love to take along my homies from Alberta in ANTI because they’re super underground, and they make music that sounds a lot like $uicideboy$!

Who are your biggest Influences in trap metal?

Bakri11 and Sinizter are big influences, seeing the hard work they put in has really inspired me as a solo artist. Lately I have been really inspired by City Morgue, but my original influences for getting into trap metal are definitely Josh A and Scarlxrd.

What is your local music scene like? Pros? Cons?

The scene may not be what it used to be, but it is certainly thriving. I haven’t been to any hip hop shows in my local scene yet, but the bands that play in my area are like family with each other and they are keeping the scene alive. Some cities on Vancouver Island are really fun to play, but you have to get local openers on the bill to get people out. We help each other out, and we do our best to bring our fans together!

As we wrap this up, is there anything else you should like to add?

Recently I’ve started uploading vlogs on my YouTube channel, and you can find my music and beatmaking videos there as well. Big thanks for the opportunity to chat about my musical interests and background, it’s been fun!

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