May 31, 2023

Thanks for taking some time to be interviewed. Can you please introduce your self to our readers and tell us a little bit about what you do?

It’s a pleasure to do this interview My name is Jacob Martinez, Currently knows as “Jcup” I’m a Artist out of Chandler Arizona (EastSide). If you get the Aux cord or hook up your Bluetooth and listen to some Jcup you’ll hear some BARZ that’ll make your face have a “Sour look”. You’ll hear some songs that touch the soul, you’ll hear songs that you want to commit a crime to.

Aye haha well that’s an introduction! I had a chance to check out some of your tracks and I can 100% back that statement up! Nice to meet you Jcup, I’m hyped to get this started! Well man, coming from Chandler, AZ, what is the local music scene like out there? What sparked your interest in making music?

I appreciate that family. The local music scene is slowly growing out here, I went to High School with some rappers such as 9’s and Bxnks to name a few people from the scene. It’s always good seeing people you’ve known for a minute continue to grow and pursue there goals as a artist or whatever there craft may be. Iv always had a passion for music, I grew up on 80s rock mostly the hair bands such as Def Leppard, Motley Cru, GunsNRoses,Ac/DC. I was a big fan of killer guitar solows. I didn’t start getting into Hiphop/Rap until I started hearing about YoungJeezy/LilBoosie/LilWayne on MTV, and I fell in love with the sound and the style. And it made me wanna be just like them.

Ok, I like the variety in taste. From the Rock to Rap Legends, that’s super dope. That’s also really sick that you named dropped some homies. What was your first song you ever wrote and was it something you released? What gave you the confidence to get behind the mic and lay your first song down?

Man I love giving the ally Ooop to the homies when I get the chance. we all got the same goal so why not give the other person a little spotlight you feel me. To be honest I don’t have the slightest clue what my first song was, I do know it was back in 09 when MySpace was still poppin. I had ZERO confidence behind the mic I was shy, the dude recording me didn’t know how to mix so the vocals where Raw AF… but people where actually rocking with it… I remember spamming everyone in my contacts list in my flip phone to have them listen to it, good times.

Oh there we go a Myspace Vet haha! I gotta say, my first time recording with someone was really intense for me. Them flip phones bring back super memories ha. Alright well, your latest drop was a 10 track album titled, “Free Jcup 3”, what inspired that piece of work and who do you want to give credit to helping you create that?

Broo I feel like a Old head whenever I mention MySpace ! To be honest I’m still always nervous stepping into the booth, I’m my own worst critic. That FreeJcup3 is my baby. The story behind all my FreeJcup tapes are quit simple , every time I got locked up and released Iv dropped a tape the difference in FreeJcup3 is I was looking at some hard time for a shooting back in 2018 and I was getting ready to sign a plea deal that would of put me away for a while, so I had exactly 3 months to write AND record this tape before going to jail again. My lawyer talked me out of the plea deal and Iv been in and out of court rooms ever sense. Shoutout to Enzo over at DeepRoots recording studio in Tempe for engineering this project start to finish, the chemistry we share when we are locked in is phenomenal. Shoutout to BXNKS for another banging hook and verse. Shoutout To D.Carter and SkinnyBlu for getting down on the verses in such a professional manner. And shoutout to my Music Manager Val Marie for pushing this tape out in Texas and other heavy states.

Aye mane well thank God for freedom right now and I am in love with the album! My favorite track is “Back on that Bullshit” I love the energy and the lyrics ya’ll displayed. Shoutout to those people for helping in the process I’m extremely grateful for em! Ok, what advice would you give to someone wanting to enter the scene?

“Back on that bullshit” is going to be one of my favorites for a while ! That one needs a video ASAP. My advice to ANYONE who wants to enter the scene would be this, NEVER feel ashamed or scared to reach out for help from other artists. Don’t take the criticism to hard, and always find ways to improve yourself. Even if you have 1 monthly Spotify listener, Thats 1 genuine fan that’s rocking with YOU.

Aye mane I do wanna say I checked out the visual catalog and it’s fire! I love that DND video, gave me some chills and definitely made me feel for the situation. What’s your writing process like and what get’s you in the zone the best before creating new work?

That DND video hit home, that track was so emotional to write AND record. My writing process is never the same. Iv wrote the hook to 50K while in jail. I wrote some of my best tracks while at work, but every single song I got with Bxnks Iv wrote while at the studio. So honestly it just depends on what the vibe is looking like for the day. You gotta feel the vibe, cuz if that vibe is off then the writers block kicks in and it just goes down hill.

I like that, that’s a very fire piece of free game you just left for the world. Well man I really appreciate your art and dedication to the craft! What has been your biggest accomplishment in your career so far, and what profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

Two very GREAT questions. My biggest accomplishment so far has been doing more shows and gaining new fans off the energy I carry when I’m on and off stage. I know it might sound corny to some people but nothing makes my day more than waking up to a new listener and they’re hundreds of miles away from my current location. I really want to open a school for kids less fortunate, kids who struggle with depression/Anxiety/Home issues and name it the “Free Academy”. That’s my biggest goal before it’s my time to depart from this earth. Helping others has always been a passion of mine.

Damn man that’s really beautiful forreal. I know you could achieve that without a doubt, your work ethic and dedication definitely prove it. I hope this interview with our company can help expand both our fan bases a little bit! Jcup, where is the best place for people to check out your music?

I appreciate this interview family I got so much love for clout culture and the great vibes y’all bring ! You can find Jcup on ALL music streaming platforms. My Instagram is @FreeJcup you can take a step into my lifestyle through my images.

Yeah buddy we notice it and we definitely love all the support you been showing us man. I pray for nothing but success on your journey through life and the music. You’re a hard working dedicated artist who has everything a superstar needs. Keep yo head up and keep the gears grinding my g. Is there anything else you would like to add as we wrap this up?

I just wanna show love to My daughter, The Eyeful Entertainment label, My brothers at CloutCulture, All the artists Iv worked with in the past and Near future, My Wife for always pushing me to succeed in my craft. And the fans for constantly showing love. Thank you.

You’re welcome bro and thank you as well for taking this time to talk! It was dope getting to know you and I appreciate all the game you kicked for us! Everyone tune in with, JCup, one of the hardest working, versatile artist in the game! Remember his name because ya’ll are goin to see a lot more of it! Check out his latest album below, “Free Jcup 3” is out now on all streaming services!