April 25, 2024

Thanks for taking some time to be interviewed by Clout Culture. Can you please introduce your self to our readers and tell us a little bit about what you do?

No problem, I appreciate it. I go under the alias as captainaustinshark. I’m a solo artist from Indiana. And have been playing music and doing musical things since the age of fourteen. I was in and out of bands here and there and decided to take the solo route at age of twenty one.Every song I make is mixed, mastered, produced, and wrote by me. I feel that it’s more of a connection with the listeners for me knowing I’m giving them everything I am all of me in a song and the way I intended it to be. I love the supporters and listeners so I want to give them the best of myself also because they’re what keep me going.

You definitely have a professional style like you been working on this for a minute. What genre of bands were you in before all this?

It’s been many many years that’s for sure, also life experiences helped me along the way and traveling through many states and basically living out of my car and couch surfing. I’ve faced many tough times to be honest. Very low lows, but you won’t know what you’re made of without a little hardship. Sometimes that’s when you get the best inspiration also and motivation to get up. I was a front man for a couple metal bands prior. I just wanted to do something different though.

What artists helped influence your crossover to hiphop?

We’ll originally when I first got into music when I was a kid, I was making beats and made some electronic music. Then after learning some more production and dabbling with music programs I eventually moved into the heavier side of music. I always like to explore all genres honestly. I did some Nintendo kinda sounding stuff even back in the day with 8-bit synths lol. Alot of influence I suppose now would be hopsin or xxxtentacion the more older x tracks though I like. Also shakewell. I like to listen to more underground artists too. Omenxiii has a couple decent tracks.

Nintendo core! Right on. If you could go on tour with anybody in the world, who would you choose. What is Captain Austin Shark’s dream tour?

Oh Denzel Curry most certainly, lil seltrah, hopsin, joji, triple one, oohyo, velvetears just to name a few. Would be lit!

Aye! So where are you based out of. And what’s your local scene like?

As now Indiana but hopefully moving to Oregon eventually is the plan. The scene here in my description isn’t the greatest but there are shows here and there, mostly at bars through a lot of venues got closed down. So all ages shows don’t happen very often. It’s very sad to be honest which is why when I play I mostly play out of state.

I can see you doing big things in Oregon. What are your plans in music for 2019?

I certainly hope so and appreciate it, and I’m dropping a new album better than the last in my opinion and plan on doing quite a few shows maybe another tour if all goes well.

If you were to do a tour. What cities would you wanna hit?

Oh I’d love to hit California again I played at chain reaction last time I was there would probably strive to get my foot in the house of blues. And honestly all major cities across the us and some in Canada since I have my passport. I want to even play in Japan eventually since I do have some fans there evenTokyo, Osaka, KyotoOh and the 


 uk too!What is the inspiration behind your name?

Well sharks live a lot of their lives alone and growing up I was bullied a lot and I spent a lot of my time in school sitting alone and sitting at lunch with myself or maybe one friend. I got a wolf tattooed on my throat because they call sharks wolves of the sea so I go by wolf of the sea also on the street. Even at birth sharks have to either eat their siblings in the womb often times. (intrauterine cannibalization) I chose this name because without being personal but because of the upbringing and life experiences I went through.

Beautiful! Personally i hate it when people give them selves dumb meaningless names. You have a legitimate backstory to your name and thats authentic and lit as hell. Outside of music how do you survive? What do you do for a living between shows and tours?

I agree. I also really enjoyed a lot of anime and Japanese culture growing up so I kind of just incorporated it into my music also learned a tiny bit of the language but I’m still learning, and I usually worked odd jobs. Or would save a certain amount of money up for a year or use vacation time if I was at a day job. Mostly factory work though. Everything I’ve ever done has been funded and worked for with my own two hands and since there’s no other members or affiliates or management. I have done it all myself from the get go.

It’s the best way to go. As we wrap this up is there anything else you want our readers to know?

Just really how truly humbled I am for everyone that’s listening out there. They really bring meaning to my life and I’m forever humbled.And thankful for all the love and support from the bottom of my heart