June 13, 2024

Kid Swift launches into his 2020 offering “Savage” with the aptly titled “Levitate”. Swift glides over a crisply produced, up-tempo banger with a catchy chorus.

This song sets the precedent for the rest of the project. What follows is a well structured set of songs that gives the listener a versatile display of Kid Swift’s skill set.

Some standout features add star power (Joseph Bills on “Hopeless”, Dela Preme on “Stackin’) to a major label quality project from Arizona’s own Kid Swift. Deeper tracks like “Desperation” balance the radio ready tone of the LP with some relatable vibes. 

It’s easy to see why Kid Swift has a fast growing following. He has a great ear for production and song structure. I give this project an 8/10.

Listen to “Savage” on Spotify here: