Album Review: Xdtdx – VVar Mu$ic

Xdtdx storms in with the cinematic opus “Vvar Mu$ic”. The intro brings us into a war zone, followed by the first song “$uicide Code” brings us directly into Xdtdx’s world, his guttural screams display a torrent of raging emotions. The production is appropriately dark and hypnotic. The scream tone is balanced with a deep, calmly intense chorus.

The production really stands out on this project. Many tracks like “Fight $ong on My Radio” have bouncy, radio ready beats, contrasted with Xdtdx’s unique subject matter and delivery. This approach makes Vvar Mu$ic a palatable introduction to Xdtdx’s genre. The project is well engineered with great effects on Xdtdx’s voice and timely chops in the music.

“Nihili$tic Bitch” continues Xdtdx’s streak of dark bangers with incredible song titles. At 2:27, this one is a must-repeat before continuing with the rest of the album. Xdtdx shows a great ear for production and engineering, I’m hoping for more vocal range on the next project, too much of the same tone can tune a listener out. I give this project an 8/10. 

Listen to “Vvar Mu$ic” on Spotify here:

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