May 29, 2024

Prolific artist Idontknowjeffery returns with “The Hit List” to make a statement: If Jeffery doesn’t like you, he REALLY doesn’t like you. He might even make an entire album about it, and it’ll be banging.

His target seems to mainly be Space Ghost Purp, but Jeffrey also goes for artists Lil House Phone and Cam Girl. Some songs focus on one person (“Space Ghost Curse?”), while other tracks serve as a carpet bomb to all Jeffrey’s enemies. Jeffrey serves quotable after quotable on songs like “Lil Friend Zone”. The production is grimy, aggressive and trapped all the way out. Jeffrey if anything comes across as authentic and sounds like he really means what he is saying. He finds new ways in each song to attack his opps and keeps the insults from being repetitive. The production really keeps the momentum going, there are more than a few songs on here that could’ve been hit songs if they weren’t diss songs.

Overall I give this project a strong 8/10. Artists must act on their inspirations, whether positive or negative. One can only listen and wonder how great IDontKnowJeffrey’s next project will sound if he can make an entire dope project dissing a few people.