July 13, 2024

I got a submission today that actually made me get out of my seat. An artist named Trub dropped some music visuals not that long ago for his song “Lunch Bag” and let me tell you. This music video is a real piece of visual art, and it POPS!

The scene is set in a high school class room. The teacher walks in wearing a turquoise dress, and the class room walls are painted bright sky blue. As she enters, the class is rowdy and in the background someone has written “I hate school” on the chalk board. I don’t think things can get any more relatable than that.

One of the students throws a ball of paper right as the song drops and this is where I got out of my seat and started bopping my head. I already knew it was going to be clean because the production value of the song and track recording were top notch from the start. But I had no idea how epic things were about to get.

Homework thrown in the air, professional models with onion booties twerking, everyone else got out their seat too and started dancing. About half way through the video, things take a turn for the comedic when we find our selves facing a man in a fat suit, a coach, and cheer leader doing an obnoxiously funny dance to the beat that is still going steady.

I never heard of Trub until today but this video made a fan out of me forsure. Trub is a solid artist with mad talent and an awesome personality. These are the ingredients that make a great entertainer regardless of what industry they work in. I did a little deep dive on his Spotify discography, all his tracks are just as solid as this one, and they all have a different vibe. Thats cool and refreshing to see plus shows us how diverse this artist on the rise really is.

I give this video AND the song its self a rating of 10 out of 10 Check it out on his youtube channel!