June 13, 2024

Joseph Bills is back with a vengeance! The local Phoenix Arizona legend just dropped an energetic single titled EVERYTHING featuring Vee The Rula on all platforms last week. As a cross-over artist who started in metal and then came over to hiphop after the fact, I have to say. This track had me moshing and head banging violently at my desk.

Initially the track had me hyped because of a controversial audio clip of podcaster Tone of THEH8TRIX “Talking That shit” as we like to say in the industry. It’s unclear what happened between the two influencers other than the fact Bills asked to get paid for his performance and Tone had a big problem with it.

One of the reasons the incident stuck in our minds is because after the altercation, Tone ripped down the Joseph Bills poster he had set up as the backdrop in his garage / podcast headquarters, and then continued to step and spit on it. At the time I was big mad, but it also means I was properly stoked to hear the clip open his new single.

Well played Bills! This isn’t a pointless track. It’s some real Local Phoenix Arizona Culture for the local music community!

If you listen to our Official Clout Culture Playlists we added this new single to the top of our Death Drip, and Clout Culture playlists.