Album Review: D. Carter – Split Theory

D Carter makes a statement with his 2020 offering “Split Theory”, a sonic journey into the duality of the artist. Catchy, melodic hooks and relatable subject matter make this an easy project to digest. Some elite level AZ hip hop features (Sincerely Collins, iTsDub) add some punch to an already industry quality release.

Standout tracks like “Lights Out” and “Right Now” showcase D Carter’s ability to seamlessly switch between bars and pure singing. D Carter has great taste in beats, the strong production compliments his comprehensive songwriting approach. If D Carter can provide content this compelling early into his career, imagine what the future holds for this young rising star.

Overall, I give the project a strong 8.5/10, it’s full of singles, and the underlying theme with the skits makes it an entertaining listen through.

Listen to “Split Theory” by D Carter on Spotify here:

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