May 29, 2024
On the artist’s fifth project, shinigami keeps on coming with consistency, versatility, and amazing production.

For those out of the loop, shinigami is a 20-year-old American techno-rap-pop-punk versatile recording artist, who over the past few years, has proven himself as a big name in the underground community. From his debut, luna, to his previous effort, grimworld, shini keeps the bangers coming.

From the first two hypnotic tracks (which were the two singles released to promote the project), this tape takes you to a whole different planet. If not a whole different world, let alone universe. Something to listen to while intoxicated or drugged out. Don’t get me started on the amazing VAGUE003-produced “big bad wolf”, and tracks like “digipack” which feature 93FEETOFSMOKE, “frozen soul” featuring fats’e, and the EDM infuenced “pretty bitch!”. After you give this mixtape its sixth or seventh listen, you start to wonder to yourself: Damn. How does Shini keep on making so many bangers?