May 31, 2023
The cover for sewerperson’s debut project lives up to its name, literally.

Released: January 28, 2019 (June 11, 2019 on Spotify)

Genre: Rap, Alternative

When 9TAILS announced his retirement from music in December of last year, it’s hard to say I wasn’t devastated. And I could say the same for ten thousands of his fans. Barely a month after deleting his social media and archiving his SoundCloud page and retiring the name 9TAILS, he had launched a secret SoundCloud-exclusive project titled sewerperson, and it was quickly found after the release of his amazing secret comeback project, merely titled blue.

Considering blue has recently been leaked to Spotify and other services by an anonymous fan and the project is now being talked about again, I have decided to review the album once again. Opening with the track “whole damn week“, sewerperson proves himself as arguably one of the greatest voices in underground music yet again. “Please please please / All the people haven’t eaten in a week, grilled cheese out the gutter / Could you stomach some of that shit? / Shit is really tragic“, sewerperson sings over a self-produced acoustic guitar-sampling trap beat. These lyrics stand out to me, they’re supposed to be taken out of context because of “grilled cheese out the gutter“, yet the line, when actually observed in full, makes you go like, “whoa.”

Standouts like the first ever sewerperson track, “sunbeams“, and one of two tracks that aren’t self-produced, “no one is home“, which was sung over a minimalistic acoustic guitar demo recorded by record producer and acoustic guitar player ryini.

Other tracks like lo-fi standout “heart_beat“, and Tom Bailey’s acoustic guitar looping over “u are perfect to me“, prove this album to be one of the contenders for one of the top 10 albums of this year, maybe top 500 albums of this decade. To me, sewerperson as a project produces better music than what he had made as 9TAILS. Maybe abandoning over 50,000 general social media followers was worth it after all.


You can find “blue” officially on SoundCloud, and bootlegged on other major services. However, out of respect for sewerperson, I will not link blue on any other services. And if you do ever feel like listening to it, please do. Definitely not a regret.