July 13, 2024

The Orange County Police in Orlando have arrested 34 individuals suspected of being involved with an ongoing racketeering case they have been monitoring. Among them are 9lokkNine and Hotboii, two fast-rising Orlando rappers. 

“These are the nearly three dozen suspects arrested or wanted on racketeering or drug trafficking charges after a nine-month investigation into criminal gangs in Orange County by the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation,” the County Sheriff’s office tweeted on Friday. Dubbed “Operation X-Force” by the Orange County Police Department, 9lokkNine was described by County Sheriff John Mina to be one of the leaders of one of the gangs involved in the RICO case.

9lokkNine, whose government name is Jacquavius Smith, currently has a bail set of $750,000. Hotboii, whose name is Javarri Walker, has yet to be officially arrested. Mina also describes Hotboii as being the leader of the rival gang that is involved with this case.