May 31, 2023

Quavo and Takeoff recently reflected on the confrontational Everyday Struggle interview from 2017 they had with Joe Budden and Akademiks.

In an interview with Drink Champs they did to talk about their new project “Only Built For Infinity Links” the two former Migos shed some light on their now infamous viral interaction with the two former Complex hosts. Which was clearly sparked by Budden randomly dropping his microphone and stomping out of the interview set like a child leading to the Migos banding together and standing up to his Tyranny literally and physically.

“The whole time though that n-gga was tripping, Joe was tripping,” Quavo said at the 11-minute mark. “He was sitting up like he didn’t wanna interview us, so we’re reading his body like what the fuck wrong with him? We waiting on him to like, ok we watching him, we watching him. We answered the questions, Joe ain’t saying shit. We just here watching Joe like what the fuck he finna do?”

Elsewhere in the interview, they said they worked things out with Joe Budden and that they have no issues with the podcast host.

The duo also addressed the rumor about having a falling out with their third Migos member Offset, stating that even before the break up drama began, him and Quavo always planned to branch out on their own.

Quavo also added that the group will not be getting back together anytime soon. However a Migos reunion could happen for Verzuz, “if the check right.”