May 31, 2023

Lil Prada is back with his latest installment of underground bangers titled ” Light Switch Gang”. The project is nothing short of energetic as rolling hi hats, booming kicks, and electric 808 snares paint a soundscape of what it’s like to hustle and struggle in Phoenix.

Tracks like ‘Fall Back Gang’ demonstrate the rap groups ability to utilize different flows and pentameter to insight a more aggressive sound and cadence, while their closing track ‘Hood Babies’ offers a smoother more approachable ‘club-esque’ flow that’s sure to get the crowd turnt.

In contrast to some of their more ‘808-centric’ songs, their track ‘Spider’, offers insight into their versatility. The stand out production of ‘Spider’ includes an eerie and daunting piano melody that that accompanies a tight lex-lugar meets boi da 1 trap drum sequence. The cadence and tone of the songs is reminiscent of 3 6 mafia, a subtle nod to the roots of underground hip hop music and its humble beginnings.

The 8 track project is none stop energy from front to back. For lovers of underground hip hop this is a Phoenix 2020 essential.

Light Swtich Gang by lil Prada is out NOW on spotify!