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Kill Stacy – “Malicious” Album Review

Kill Stacy returns to Spotify with his latest full length release, “Malicious”. This project is already doing major numbers on other streaming platforms. This album couldn’t have been more aptly titled. Almost every track has sinister production, and Stacy’s rhymes are layered with a dark sense of humor wrapped in complex patterns.

Big Mac is a standout. With a heavy 808 bounce and a rapid fire flow, Kill Stacy glides effortlessly over a gritty soundscape. Tracks like this showcase Kill Stacy’s natural swagger and complicated rhyme schemes. Kill Stacy has a great ear for production. This allows him to express himself over a wide range of different vibes, while staying true to his grimy outlook.

Malicious transitions quickly from track to track, it’s a flurry of bangers, another standout “Long Chase”, is only 1:37, demanding an instant repeat. With a run time of 25 min 40 seconds, it’s the perfect project to throw on for a smoke session with the homies. “6am Interlude” brings a smoother delivery with a melodic hook and finds a laid back Kill Stacy leaning into his unique delivery. As gutter as the first half of the project is, the 2nd half demonstrates Kill Stacy’s songwriting and catchier delivery choices. “Malice In Wonderland” is a perfect example of this, as Kill Stacy glides all over the track with a non stop infectious flow that seamlessly connects to the memorable chorus.

Kill Stacy has been murdering it on streaming services for a while, and putting up big numbers on SoundCloud. The growth heard in Malicious should come as no surprise to fans. Newcomers to Kill Stacy’s music will find a diverse set of songs in Malicious, one easy to put on and let ride, with a multitude of tracks for any mood. Overall I give it an 8/10. Kill Stacy has so much upside, with the rare ability to be radio ready but somehow GUTTER AF, it’s clear he’s not even in his final form. 

By Griffith Jones

Check out “Malicious” on Spotify:

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