June 13, 2024

If you’ve been searching for an unbelievably fresh, original sound then look no further than the diverse rising star and underground villain Lil’ Seltrah (aka Brett Deadly)!

With his single LEO VIRGO, he continues to stun audiences while staying true to himself and challenging the growing ego issue within the underground scene by passionately singing the words ‘I got everybody mad’.

Currently sitting at a little more than twenty-four thousand streams and counting on SoundCloud, LEO VIRGO is quickly becoming a unique fan favorite with a high level of replay value.

The single is also accompanied with a music video where the visuals capture the vibe of Seltrah’s voice perfectly, so be sure you go and check that out on the Clout Culture YouTube channel!

Seltrah has his finger on the pulse of the underground and that definitely reflects in not only LEO VIRGO, but every release from the versatile artist. LEO VIRGO fits into place lifting Seltrah up a level and further solidifying the powerhouse he is on his way to become.