THEfonzarelliPROJECT – MOTIVATED – (Single Review)

MOTIVATED by THEfonzarelliPROJECT and Joe Boii has a fun, feel-good vibe from start to finish that grabs your attention and ‘keeps you motivated’ with it’s catchy, up-tempo bounce on every single playthrough.

Get up, get ready and get MOTIVATED! Joe Boii kicks it off nasty on the first half of the track with a grimey delivery that rides the beat instead of totally attacking it. Which sets up the perfect get-money theme that will have you lost in your zone and ready for success!

Fonz assertively follows up with cocky and confident lyrics on the second verse, showing off how comfortable he is behind the mic. While he raps the words “i’m just tryna be the greatest”, in the hook, Fonz creates a great stone for himself to step on to get his name brought up in those types of everyday, household conversations.

The tracks unorthodox sounding beat and Joe Boiis hyped energy both accent and emphasize Fonz’s smooth flow and delivery seamlessly, keeping you on your toes throughout the entire duration. I’d definitely like to see more from this duo in the future. If this track isn’t already in your playlist, it really should be, especially, if you’re in need of a crisp sounding, go-getter song for your morning line-up.

So head on over to SoundCloud and find MOTIVATED by THEfonzarelliPROJECT and Joe Boii NOW! If you are not fully ‘MOTIVATED’ by the end of this track, you may need to get your ears checked!

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