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Issue #1 Featuring Dela Preme

Clout Culture Magazine Issue #1 Featuring Dela Preme, Mikey Rotten, and Ohpenmiind is here! Order directly OR get your magazine delivered every month by joining our Patreon! Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for shipping from the date you order.

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Rapper EBE BANDZ’ Found Dead

Well-known underground Chicago rapper, EBE BANDZ, also known as Billy da Kid, was last seen early morning on May 26th. According to an associate, Billy was last seen early that morning but was not officially reported to be missing until June 1st. On June 2nd, police have reported to of found Billy’s body in Bandz’s […]
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A Review of CRYPT By: Malicious China

Valley club records artist Malicious China has just released their new EP CRYPT, and its nothing short of something exciting.The tone of the album over all is unapologetically underground, and with coming from one of the largest underground labels that is based in Phoenix Arizona it’s no surprise that it’s doing so well already. This […]
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sewerperson Responds To Spotify Rumors: ‘Once Again, I Only Have A SoundCloud’

After sewerperson’s debut project, blue, hit Spotify and other streaming services last week, many questioned if sewerperson himself had uploaded the album to said services. Today, sewerperson opened up about his music being uploaded to Spotify, saying this: ‘The sewerperson on Spotify is not me, and all the songs from blue were uploaded by somebody […]
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