Issue #1 Featuring Dela Preme

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The 1st official issue of Clout Magazine is here! Disregard our pilot issues. This month of February features 10 Questions With DELA PREME out of Glandale Arizona! Additional features include….

An Interview with Mikey Rotten

An Album Review on Decade In The Shadows by Ohpenmiind

and Artists On The Rise, such as FTK Kaliq, Jalopy Bungus, FORTYEIGHTOH, Joseph Bills, Pariah Pete, Rezcoast Grizz, and last but not least Emmitt Dupree

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2 reviews for Issue #1 Featuring Dela Preme

  1. Emily Shoemaker

    The quality is great and the printing came out nicely!

    Image #1 from Emily Shoemaker
  2. Jcup

    The CloutCulture Magazine is the best magazine to come out in the Hiphop/Rap scene in YEARS. Not only does it portray hiphop but it also includes Metal, it includes a whole page dedicated to Local Merch. It really goes into detail about the artist being interviewed. You can tell the members behind this magazine are genuine and pure and are actually interested on getting to know the individual. I’m a fan of CloutCulture and will always be on the look out for the new drop.

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