July 13, 2024

Prodigi is an underground artist from Arizona with an astonishing amount of talent. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him personally and he does not put off big ego vibes. Which is crazy because when you hear his music, it’s very clear he could very easily walk around like that mf dude, because his music and voice got a big sound to it! 

He recently released a new single titled Momma. An emotional track, and a message to his mother that he is never going to stop and she is the person he gets his ambitions from. 

This song is highly relatable for anybody with goals and a strong purpose behind their music. Even has a bit of an Emo Trap vibe to it. Not a cliche traditional track. I genuinely like how his voice is complimented by the audio production. Got me wondering who did the engineering. This release is solid af! A 10 out of 10. I have zero complaints.