February 26, 2024

Cordae shocks fans at Lollapalooza with crazy facial hair?

Cordae shows up at Lollapalooza with a wolverine-like beard but fans were saddened that the rapper had shaved it away.

The beard was shaved off too casually and I felt like it appeared too quickly so, I did some snooping. On July 7th he was freshly shaved. The first known photo/video of him I could find where he has his beard is on July 21st. That is only an 14 day gap.

Can someone grow a beard in 14 days? I don’t know but according to Healthline.com, on average, one third to one half inch of beard hair grows in a month. Even if his hair grew out faster than average, it still wouldn’t grow within 14 days. Those chops were huge! Idk it seems like prop facial hair to me. But I could be wrong.

The rapper later tweeted that he would bring back the beard and to give him a month and a half to grow it out. I can believe that, but not the time between the 7th and Lollapalooza.