Battle Of The Brands

Battle Of The brands Is a new segment for the magazine I wanted to create in order to shine some light on the local brands I see putting in work for the music community. There are a lot of sus people who start brands / businesses / promotion agencies for all the wrong reasons, culture vultures, and opportunists. I won’t be mentioning them at all. The move is to focus on the good and ignore the bad.

The 411 Show

The 1st brand I want to talk about its The 411 Show. A podcast hosted by Loud, Sativa, and Riddy. What I like the most about the 411 show, and the reason why they stand out among the other brands from the local podcast syndicate. Is the fact they are engaged in the music community. They take to social media forums to expand their reach and view of fresh talent. And they speak on underground acts that get slept on by the usual podcast crowd, because the underground is a whole world of its own, and these cats have genuine respect for it. So when it comes to good character and content, I rate the 411 Show 10 out of 10.

The Matty Ice Show

Matty Ice really sets the bar for HipHop Media with his podcast show / promotion platform “The Matty Ice Show” currently trending on Instagram. The selling factor for the show is the caliber of artistry Matty is pulling in for Arizona HipHop Culture. Other podcasts may get the opportunity to have a big artist on their show as the artists is passing through on tour, but Matty executes quality control and goes out of his way to secure and cover heavy hitters for the culture. His podcast also operates as a promotional platform. Matty has created an opportunity for Arizona Artists to truly get put on to a higher tier HipHop Audience by providing a package for them to be featured and promoted on the podcast along side huge industry names.

Arizona Trending

I didn’t know much about Arizona Trending until recently but I am incredibly impressed. This fashion show highlights Arizona’s most trending and upcoming Designers & Influencers. And they do so in true royal fashion. This brand is quickly becoming one of the most coveted awards in not just Arizona HipHop Culture but in several areas like fashion, businesses, and art. Their clear vision and work ethic is a testament to how valuable the culture here in Arizona truly is. We have a large reserve of untapped talent here, and its time the mainstream took notice!

Valley Club

Valley Club is one of the most real and culturally correct music collectives to represent underground hiphop culture that I’ve ever seen in my life. They contribute to the local culture in a huge legitimate way by creating a safe space for new artists to break out into the scene via their recording studio, music video platform, and an all ages warehouse venue. They also operate like a factory for audio, perpetually putting amazing hiphop music into the ether. The gears always seem to be turning at the Valley Club HQ. And new artists can be discovered here on a regular basis.

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