May 31, 2023

Lil Seltrah’s standout 2019 offering “Ending My Life One Day At A Time” returns in a physical limited edition CD. The title track serves as an impactful intro, and perfectly showcases how vulnerable and aggressive Lil Seltrah can be in the same breath. Seltrah fully embraces the Sad Boy vibes, and is able to serve up a unique balance of slick talk, bars and melodic hooks along with an unfiltered perspective on life.

There’s a wide palette of vocal styles and production on the project. Lil Seltrah is a highly versatile artist with a range of rhyme patterns and deliveries for any mood. The result is a rewarding listen that traverses a multitude of soundscapes. The project has a short running time that makes it easy to listen to it back to back. Some songs have minute plus long intros “Pain” and other un-usual song structures that help frame the narrative we are visiting Lil Seltrah’s world through his music, and he’s making the rules.

I give this project a 9.5/10. 

Listen to “Ending My Life One Day At A Time” on Spotify here: