May 29, 2024

Danny Kobayashi’s 2020 EP “Afterdark” opens with “Alone”, a sweeping, moody and melodic sip of sad boy vibes. The production value is high, the attention to detail is apparent in every song. At 5 songs running 15 min 16 sec, this EP goes with quality over quantity. Each song is a deep dive sonically and emotionally. The instrumentation is crisp, and well formatted to the structure of Danny’s soaring vocals.

The subject matter is relatable, as Danny cruises through the relationship issues that plague the high paced social media era. One gets the impression that this EP serves as a time capsule for a moment in Danny’s life. Afterdark is a great late night soundtrack. Danny’s songwriting and vocal skills shine on “One Day”, the final song of the project. If Afterdark is a sampling of what’s to come, Danny Kobayashi has a bright future ahead of him in the music business. I give this project a 9/10.

Listen to “Afterdark” on Spotify here: