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10 Questions With Dela Preme

Question 1: Thank you for taking some time to be interviewed. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is DeLa Preme! And I say shit like Skrrrt Skrrrt and UGH! I’m from Glendale Arizona.

Question 2: How long have you been making music?

For a little over 8 1/2 years. I started out Free styling in Class, at parties, at the basketball court, shit the skate park, wherever the cyphers were, I wanted to get in there and snap. It led me to my homie RichSpect who had a battle league at the time, and I started to battle for the league and for bread and for the honor of my neighborhood. I love that time period because it gave me hunger, made my skin tough and got my bars right. There’s no beat to save you in battles, if you’re shit isn’t dope, you’ll hear silence. That energy and performance is why I’m so good performing now and why I’ve never needed background vocals.

Question 3: Who gets bragging rights for helping you get to where you are now?

My mother God rest her soul, she keeps me driven from the next life. My Family is very important to me, my children, my siblings, my elders, all motivate me and have been throughout my career. Definitely my brother Jon Sullivan creator of “Sullivan Audio Productions”. He’s been my engineer for 5 years now and pretty much developed my style with me. We’ve known each other since 7th grade so it’s always been a family thing with him and his wife Caity. They keep my head straight lol. My brother Sammy, videographer, and creator of the “VibeGood” platform. He does all of my visuals and vlogs and stays on me to make sure I know my worth and that I’m staying focused on the right things. I have a lot of people close to me that have my best interest at heart just like I have for them, so it definitely gives me an edge. Having a solid team is everything. Mark and AJ at 1st and 26th clothing have helped me and have one of the dopest merch collections in AZ. “The Full Speed Family”, And The City Of Glendale are gonna be household names. That’s my family and that’s where I’m from, And I live for all of them everyday.

Question 4: How has covid affected your momentum as an artist in the music industry? Was it all bad or has it presented any new opportunities? 

I’m definitely having withdrawals from fuckin shows up. Lol. Its a large part of who I am and my brand in general, but what I do know about this industry and any other industry is that you need to be able to adapt. This past year has allowed me to explore other avenues that opened my eyes to how diverse my brand is. I was able to launch my StayBusyDontPlayBusy clothing Line with my family at Feral Clothing and we sold out both of our drops! The first one was in 72 hours and it blew my mind because I’m really beginning to see the love we have here and outside of AZ. It’s a beautiful thing and stuff like that charges me up and let’s me know I’m on the right path. You’re gonna see a lot of different things moving forward that show that.  It just brings me back to the point that identifying who your market is so important to being successful in anything you do.

Question 5: You recently dropped No Adlibs with Joe Boii on Vibegood. The video came out fire and I really enjoyed that Sullivan cameo in the intro. Where did the idea for No Adlibs come from? And when/how did you and Joe Boii link?

Maaaaan Y’all bout to see some shit from me and Joe!!!!! That’s my brother for real and you already know it’s a family thing when it comes to Sully and Sammy, so it was only right that we bring all of that energy together on our first release together. Me and Joe can go for eons when it comes to making music and that one came easy. We had to drop it ASAP!

Question 6: When can we expect another music video drop? 

All I will say is expect the flood! I’ve been working really hard in front of and behind the scenes to give you all of this art that I’ve been waiting to share with the world. A lot of content in every quarter.

Question 7: What about new releases? Got any new albums or singles or readers should know about? 

I have two albums dropping this year as well as a bunch of collaborations that are about to show everyone I’m here to stay and that I really do Stay Busy.

Question 8: What is Dela Preme’s dream tour? If you could go on tour with anybody in the world who would be on the bill with you?

“The Full Speed Family”, with any major artists that can match the energy. I’m tryna see and cause the craziest mosh pits, travel the world and see what energy we attract. Nothing but big festivals and tours soon, we’ve been working our asses off and sacrificed a lot. To even be this far and have this much love is a blessing.

Question 9: What are some of the pros and cons of our local music scene? And where do you see room for improvement?

Diversity is a huge pro! There are so many different styles of music and art in AZ, so many different groups and artists in all genres killing it! On some home team shit I’m always proud to see others win doing what they love. That has to be my favorite part about it. One of the biggest cons for me is, I hate the word “scene” because it implies that some people are aloud in and some aren’t. When in reality there’s no rules or boundaries to this shit. It’s art, it’s freedom, it’s ours. We can’t let anything dilute or change that.

Question 10: As we wrap this up, is there anything else you want our readers to know?

No matter what you do in life, make sure you StayBusyDontPlayBusy.

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