L-Mizzy “The Quarantine” Album review

L-Mizzy is here to tell us lyricism isn’t just an old head game. In his newest project “the quarantine” he paints vivid pictures with his words and bars while we’re going through the biggest pandemic to happen in modern history

From start to finish the album has nothing but consistency without being predictable. The sounds are familiar yet refreshing in a way that anyone can find a bond of some sort in the words he’s saying. The production value and the beat choices couldn’t be better. The beat compliments his voice and vise versa in every single track.

This entire EP I was asking myself “what is his sound” and I still cannot answer that question. Mizzy changes his flow and cadence every single track which kept me on my feet the entire time. Though he stays true to his lyricist and emcee roles he doesn’t come off like those typical “lyrical spiritual individual” rappers and instead, someone who I’d want to listen to regardless of what I’m feeling when I need to hear someone give me something real on the situation because, based off what I’ve heard, no matter what you’re going through, Mizzy has a bar for it.

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