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Clout Culture Radio is a playlist / podcast that i’ve developed to accompany the magazine. A quick and easy way to keep listeners informed on the latest in Local Music and Industry News while also putting a personal touch to the brand.


Our podcast has humble DIY Indie vibes. And I plan on keeping it that way. Every episode comes with a poll / questionnaire to help push us in the direction you want. We also take to social media to get insights on the opinions of our listeners. So tap in! And get involved! Its also lowkey how you get on our radar!

A Multi-
Radio Style

This is a multi platform playlist. And the list of platforms the playlist is featured on is growing. I did this purely for the user experience. Some of our fans / supporters don’t use the platforms we normalize.  So to keep everyone happy we maintain a list of platforms the playlist can me heard on.


Frequently asked

As of right now, Spotify, Soundcloud, Audiomack, And Audius are the only platforms where you can find the Clout Culture Radio playlist.

However the podcast alone is available on more platforms. You can see the full list for that here.

The playlist features the podcast + curated music and thats why we only focus on platforms that support playlists.

The music and artists you hear covered on Clout Culture Radio were acquired through a combination of submissions and natural discovery. They either hired us at some point or they just ended up on my radar though natural means like events or social media engagements. It’s a healthy mix of both, and thats why people are starting to choose Clout Culture over the next guy.

Clout Culture radio is and will forever be an underground Hip Hop playlist. Sometimes we might put on a band or an EDM artist but only when these artists have heavy hiphop influences behind their music.

Clout Culture Radio is for woke hiphop heads. The industry is a tainted and ignorant place. Clout Culture aims to be a breath of fresh air in a toxic and repetitive world. We embrace hiphop from all sub-genres and walks of life as long as they are actually about it. No Clout Chasers or Culture Vultures Here.

We do! But we had to put that segment on hold. We don’t have our podcast conference room set up anymore. But when we move to a new location we will be opening up the live portion of the podcast and conducting video interviews so we can expand to youtube! Stay tuned!

Best way to get put on is to get involved. You need to get on my radar. I need to see you support the podcast or supporting other artists. We also have packages starting out at $10 that help spread awareness about local artists on the rise. You can get in contact with me directly via email


This is my full-time job! In order to stay afloat and keep the lights on at the Clout Culture HQ I offer a few different packages designed to put you on + give me revenue and content to put out.


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